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De Una Vez

2021        Selena Gomez

4.33/103 ratings

directed by:
Los Pérez

In the video, Gomez traverses through many rooms in a mystical house, depicting her creative and personal growth using metaphors that reflect her evolution. Throughout the video, Gomez wears a glowing crystal heart on her chest (an object similar to Sacred Heart), representing her resilience, while she sings the song's lyrics that center on love and healing.



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Artist’s Take:

“Magical realism has always been part of the Latin culture, whether it be in art or telenovelas. I wanted [to capture] that sense of a supernatural world.” – Selena Gomez

Director’s Take:

“We wanted to have these connections, to create this look, and to play with the amazing flowers the way Frida did, but making it modern and cool for right now. The flowers on the dress, hair, and within the video all connect with this idea of renewal.” – Tania Verduzco

Critics’ Takes:

“With her new single “De Una Vez,” Selena Gomez is in rare form.” – Marcus Jones, Entertainment Weekly

“We cannot bring ourselves to stop watching it, simply because we’re obsessed with the decor seen throughout. Whether it’s the blue tiled bathroom walls, the parade of antique and Tiffany-style lamps in the living room, or the butterfly-shaped brass bed frame, we’re undeniably in love with the interior design of this house. ” – Mary Elizabeth Andriotic, HouseBeautiful

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