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Do the Evolution

1998        Pearl Jam

8.5/102 ratings

directed by:
Kevin Altieri
Todd McFarlane

The video begins with the evolution of life, from the smallest cell to the extinction of dinosaurs and reign of homo sapiens. The music video blames humankind's brutality on leadership and ends with future scenarios of the human race's self-destruction. However, near the end of the animation, the earth is briefly seen as an ovum, suggesting a rebirth.


Alternative metal

top lists:

Grammy Best Music Video Nominee

Artists’ Take:

“As artists we are challenged to expand the meaning of our work and by utilizing this visual medium and working with a visionary like Todd, we were able to further explore some of the themes we depicted in the song “Do the Evolution”. Basically we’ve tried to make a good stoner video.” – Pearl Jam

Director’s Take:

“We choose to work with people who convey a particular attitude and this video is a tribute to that attitude.” – Todd McFarlane

Video description adapted from the Music Videos Wiki. This portion of the page is under the CC-BY-SA license.

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