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2010        Katy Perry

8.4/105 ratings

directed by:
Dave Meyers

Firework was filmed in Budapest and opens with Perry gazing down upon a city from a palatial balcony, singing into the night. Teenagers below struggle with fears and insecurities. Fireworks burst from inside Katy's body, inspiring young people throughout the city to ignite their own fireworks. One by one, the characters find the strength to do what they were afraid to do.



top lists:

VMA Video of the Year
VMA Video of the Year Nominee

Critics’ Takes:

“Katy Perry is the starter sparkler. Instead of triggering a chain reaction, it’s more like a domino effect, which is so much easier to keep track of. I also LOVE how her pinup aesthetic challenges us to consider her to be more substantial in character than we would expect.” – May I Write

“”Firework” is a straightforward, economical self-esteem anthem. The song wastes no time in getting to the point and gives razor-sharp focus to its message. As a result, it is a perfect pop record being catchy, highly melodic and designed to make every listener feel good. Effervescent pop singles rarely get better than this.” – Bill Lamb, Live About

Video description adapted from the Music Videos Wiki. This portion of the page is under the CC-BY-SA license.

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