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2017        Kendrick Lamar

8.83/106 ratings

directed by:
Dave Meyers
The Little Homies

The gorgeous video opens with Kendrick Lamar dressed in all white as the pope before putting him in all black lying on a pile of money. Full of symbolism and social commentary, the HUMBLE. video uses a fisheye lense and other techniques to create intensity.


Hip hop

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Critics’ Takes:

“For every lyric he has about earning his fortune, there’s usually sure to be one about the evils that wealth — and shameless attempts to get it — brings. His raps are filterless; he tells it like it is. So it’s no surprise that this dynamic video is essentially what Lamar is as an artist: balanced with a clear message.” – Brad Wete, Billboard

“The scenes are stunning, powerful and full of allusion, some more obvious (Lamar creating The Last Supper with all black men) and some are more obscure (Lamar passing the Grey Poupon out of the back of a car in homage to the original advertisement).” – Matt Miller, Esquire

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