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1992        Pearl Jam

9.38/108 ratings

directed by:
Mark Pellington

Jeremy incorporates rapid-fire editing and juxtaposition of sound, still images, graphics, and text elements with live-action sequences to create a collage effect. Actor Trevor Wilson portrayed Jeremy, is an angry, depressed boy who commits suicide in his classroom. The edited version led to misinterpretations that Jeremy kills his classmates, not himself.



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Critics’ Takes:

“These video blasts wander into artsy-fartsy territory, but when Eddie Vedder yowls the lyric ”Jeremy spoke in class today,” a chill frosts your cranium to the point of queasy enjoyment.” – Michele Romero, Entertainment Weekly

“Probably the greatest frustration I’ve ever had is that the ending [of the “Jeremy” video] is sometimes misinterpreted as that he shot his classmates. The idea is, that’s his blood on them, and they’re frozen at the moment of looking. I would get calls years later about it, around the time of Columbine. I think that video tapped into something that has always been around and will always be around. You’re always going to have peer pressure, you’re always going to have adolescent rage, you’re always going to have dysfunctional families.” – Mark Pellington, Spin

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