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Lotus Flower

2011        Radiohead

6.25/104 ratings

directed by:
Garth Jennings

Thom Yorke dances erratically in this black-and-white music video. Yorke wears a white dress shirt, top hat, and blue jeans. He moves his arms and shakes his body in a seemingly random fashion.



top lists:

Grammy Best Music Video Nominee

Artist’s Take:

“I’m never confident about how I look, but I’m always into being shocking and visually interesting … I was deeply uncomfortable with the “Lotus Flower” video. I did the whole thing, it was such a crack, and then they showed me the rushes the next day and I was like, “This ain’t going out.” It was like paparazzi footage of me naked or something. It was fucked up. But if it’s a risk that’s probably a good thing.” – Thom Yorke

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