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1993        Beastie Boys

9.22/109 ratings

directed by:
Spike Jonze

Sabotage is an homage and parody of 1970s crime drama television series like Hawaii Five-0, The Streets of San Francisco, S.W.A.T., Baretta, and Starsky and Hutch. In the video, the band members appear as the show's characters. Each band member is introduced as a fictional actor and the character he plays.


Rap rock

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Critics’ Takes:

“There would be no Anchorman, no Wes Anderson, no Lonely Island, and no channel called Adult Swim if this video did not exist.” – Amy Poehler, Beastie Boys Book

“The song’s frenetic grunge-rap energy pairs harmoniously with the kooky visuals, a combination that helped propel its parent album, Ill Communication, to triple platinum status.” – Bryan Kerwin, TimeOut

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