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Smells Like Teen Spirit

1991        Nirvana

8.55/1011 ratings

directed by:
Samuel Bayer

Smells Like Teen Spirit's video features a school concert ends in anarchy and riot. Inspiration was taken from Jonathan Kaplan's 1979 movie Over the Edge, as well as the Ramones film Rock 'n' Roll High School. Cobain disliked Bayer's final edit and personally oversaw a re-edit of the video that resulted in the version finally aired


Alternative rock
Hard Rock

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Critics’ Takes:

“Set in a dark and smoky high school auditorium, the music video features Nirvana bandmates, a janitor, cheerleaders and other students. It’s possible that Nirvana wanted the video to be as mysterious as the song, since there are a lot of scenes that aren’t easily interpreted. ” – Jada Ojii, American Songwriter

““Smells Like Teen Spirit” was the championship single from 1991’s massive Nevermind, and its video helped cement Nirvana as The Only Band That Mattered.” – Bryan Kerwin, TimeOut

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