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Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

2011        Kelly Clarkson

7.5/102 ratings

directed by:
Shane Drake

The video begins with Clarkson in a video control room, watching select flash mob videos submitted by various participants in different monitors. Throughout the video, Clarkson's scenes performing the song in three different settings (alone on a stage, with her band in a garden square, and in the control room) alternate with various flash mob videos. Towards the end of the video, Clarkson, along with the people in the garden square, forms a flash mob featuring the same choreograph.



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Critics’ Takes:

“Our personal favorite clip submitted: the girls who do the moves underwater with fish swimming all around them. It’s almost as fun as when Kelly herself joins the giant mob at the very end and begins to joyously do the “Stronger” dance.” – Robbie Daw, Idolator

“My favorite part may be around 2:50, when Clarkson ditches the studio and the band and joins her fans for an old-fashioned dance party. Her goofy expressions — plus that karate chop — remind me why I’ve always loved her.” – Erin Strecker, Entertainment Weekly

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