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Video Killed the Radio Star

1979        The Buggles

8.75/104 ratings

directed by:
Russel Mulcahy

Video Killed the Radio Star was the first to be shown on MTV when the music channel debuted in 1981. On February 27, 2000, it also became the millionth video to be aired on MTV. Hans Zimmer can be seen playing a keyboard. Debi Doss and Linda Jardim, who provided the female vocals for the song, can also be seen in the video.


New Wave

top lists:

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Critics’ Takes:

“While the song wasn’t all that good and The Buggles did not enjoy a long run, it ushered in a new way fans could get their music. It’s a fitting opener to a channel that now had the ability to make or break an artist more than any radio station could ever do.” – Jeff Mezydlo, Yardbarker

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