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Virtual Insanity

1996        Jamiroquai

9.5/108 ratings

directed by:
Jonathan Glazer

Virtual Insanity features Jay Kay dancing and performing the song in a bright white room with a grey floor. The video earned recognition from critics for its special effects: the floor appears to move while the rest of the room stays still, allowing Kay to perform moves not typically seen in music videos.



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Critics’ Takes:

“Plenty of music videos try to dazzle viewers with bombastic visual effects, a predictable strategy that often feels more enervating than entertaining. But ”Virtual Insanity,” the vertigo-inducing video from U.K. pop-soul band Jamiroquai, achieves its eye-catching look through a technique that’s so simple you can almost do it at home.” – Tim Sinclair, Entertainment Weekly

“It’s stark and minimalist without feeling cold, yes. It’s intimate — a cousin to Hype Williams’ signature fish-eye, perhaps, but sillier, less self-consciously stylish. There’s Jay Kay’s delightfully playful way of moving, a Beck-meets-The Jetsons update on the moonwalk. And then there’s the fact that he’s literally dancing over a rapidly changing landscape as he sings about misgivings with an uncertain, tech-centric future.” – Emma Silvers, KQED

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